SKILLQUBE presents new Simulationsystem qube7

The qube7 is used in the education and training of rescue teams in the field of preclinical and clinical care. Simulation systems make it possible to precisely train one’s own handles and methods of treatment in a team and to anchor processes intuitively by means of constant repetitions.

Patienten-Simulationssystem qube7

The simulation system consists of an ECG monitor, a wireless control unit for instructors and an external skill trainer. The qube7 reproduces all the original functions of the DEFIGARD Touch7 and, with its true-to-original design, ensures a realistic simulation result.

The qube7 was developed in close cooperation with the manufacturerer SCHILLER. Thanks to the support from the SCHILLER Group and the experience from SKILLQUBE, a highly functional simulation system was build. The new product will line up in the qubeSERIES from SKILLQUBE and will help to prepare emergency personnel precisely for emergencies. In the long term, the quality of care and patient safety will be increased.

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Skillqube GmbH, based in Wiesloch, Baden-Württemberg, was founded in 2013. With the pillars of training, simulation and technology, SKILLQUBE pursues the “Mission 360” and develops holistic solutions for simulations and training in clinical and preclinical care. With its own ECG patient simulation systems and audio-video debriefing systems, SKILLQUBE supports training and further education in the preclinical world. With more than 40 training sites, SKILLQUBE is the largest International Training Center (ITC) of the American Heart Association (AHA) in the DACH region. In addition to the AHA’s standardized course systems, SKILLQUBE offers its own crew resource management (CRM) and CRM instructor courses.

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The SCHILLER Group founded in 1974 in Baar, Switzerland, is renowned for its high capacity of innovation in its products. SCHILLER is the uncontested leader in miniaturization of defibrillators. Indeed, after developing FRED® easyport®; the smallest AED in the world that remains unchallenged; SCHILLER drove the point home by bringing on the market the smallest, lightest, extremely user-friendly EMS Monitor Defibrillator: the DEFIGARD® Touch 7. The DEFIGARD® Touch 7 is powered by an easy to use interface, is a connected device and is equipped with every feature needed by EMS services. The future is already there.

Available in the App Store
Available in the App Store

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